What is a Sober Coach?

A Sober Coach can be the bridge between treatment and reality. A Sober Coach can be your guide through early recovery and provide the missing link needed to help stabilze you in your new life. A Sober Coach can show you that sobriety is fun! Yes.. fun!!!

Thirty days of treatment is not enough to get you on the right track. Many people relapse shortly after leaving treatment. With no long term plan and little support, the transition back into their real life can be difficult, overwhelming, painful and filled with fear. The missing link in this step to a new life has long been an issue and has lead may individuals back to treatment or straight into old patterns, leading to relapse. A Sober Coach can provide the support, structure and accountability to help you succeed, and give you the chance to experience how miraculous your new sober life in Chicago can be! 

What people have to say about Natasha

"I have worked as an addiction counselor for over 34 years and been a clinical psychologist since 1977.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms Forgione and have witnessed her abilities and compassion  when working with others. Natasha possesses a unique combination of strength, integrity, and kindness. She is a truly gifted communicator and is known for being fearlessly honest and direct, while always operating from the heart."

Dr. Diane Powers


"Natasha is a person generous of spirit who willingly shares her personal journey in an effort to help those in need. She has keen communication skills and is gifted at diffusing difficult situations. I was a practicing psycotherapist for many years and also held management positions at both Read Mental Health Center and Ravenswood Mental Health Center, both located in Chicago and I am grateful to call her a friend."

Jacqueline West


New Sober Life                                            

Since finding recovery and sobriety in 1987, Natasha has dedicated her life to helping others. Her diverse background and extensive life experience has led her to a career as a Counselor and a Sober Coach. Her courage and passion for recovery have gained her a high level of respect both personally and professionally. Natasha has a loving, no nonsense approach and takes saving peoples lives very seriously. She is a skilled Interventionist, excellent Family Councelor and earns the respect of her clients and families, thus producing life transforming results. A former Physical Trainer and Nutritionist, Natasha has 20 years experience working with eating disorders and body image issues. She  has extensive experience working with adolecents with both behavioral and  addiction issues. When changing is the only option, she has the strength and wisdom that gains peoples trust and shows them that they deserve a better life. By  setting them up with a solid plan for success, she will prove to anyone, that they can do it and have the happiness they deserve.

About Natasha Forgione

"Natasha is real and honest, she is so passionate about recovery and has helped many young girls understand the disease of addiction. I could write a novel on how much Natasha has helped me. Because of her I am over 3 and a half years clean and sober!"

Victoria G.

"Natasha is an amazing councilor who has helped so many people in so many ways. Her own experiences have inspired so many people. I want to personally thank her for saving my life along with so many other girls. Because of Natasha, I can be an amazing mother to my beautiful girls and give them the life they deserve."

Rachel P.

  Natasha is an amazingly compassionate and wise woman. Her lifetime purpose has been to help others evolve and see the light and potential within themselves. Her own life experiences assist her to fully understand the strengths and needs of others. She is highly motivated, committed to her work as a Sober Coach and approachable by all. You can trust her to be with you every step of the way on your journey. I highly recommend Natasha as your Sober Coach and guide. 

Patricia B.

Natasha is truly gifted when working with teens. My daughter was at her darkest point when we met Natasha. She worked with her on a daily basis and helped her to establish a routine. She gave her direction and hope. I am forever grateful. With her help I  have my daughter  back.

Sharon C.

New Sober Life in Chicago

What a Sober Coach can do  for you

  • Provide structure, accountability and support   
  • Help establish and faciltate  a day to day and long term life plan
  •  Set up a recovery routine and healthy life style
  •  Establish and teach you relapse prevention
  • Set up goals, including how to interview and get a job or educational / career goals
  • Investigate and determine obstacles or triggers
  • Help you identify and work through issues or pain from the past that may sabotage your recovery
  • Work with you one on one on a daily basis if needed
  • Customize an individual plan based on needs and finances
  • Help you make the transition from  treatment back into you new life
  • Get you back on track after a relapse
  • Work with families to help create a holistic approach to healing