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Born in Bronxville, New York. Natasha spent her teen years wandering the streets of Grenwich Village and eventually started traveling from place to place in hopes of finding herself. As a runaway in her teens, she lived on the streets of Los Angeles, later traveled to Rome to be an actress, and finally hitting bottom in Amsterdam. Her interesting and eccelectic past has served to help her relate to her clients on a personal level and allowed  her to be especially effective when working with adolecents. Since finding recovery and sobriety in 1987 Natasha has dedicated her life to helping others. Her diverse background and extensive life experience led her to a career as substance abuse counselor. Her courage and passion for recovery have  gained her a  high level of respect both  professionally and personally. Natasha has a strong but loving no nonsense approach and takes saving peoples lives very seriously. She is a skilled interventionist, excellent family counselor and earns the respect of her clients and families thus producing life transforming results. A former trainer and nutritionist, Natasha also has 20 years experience working with eating disorders and body image issues. When changing is the only option she has a strength and wisdom that gains peoples trust and shows them that they deserve a better life. By setting them up with a solid plan for success…. with her help they can do it!  You deserve to start your miraculous new sober life in Chicago now!

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